Writing Encouraging Letters Project

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What We’re Doing:

In an effort to gain participants and reach more people, we’re happy to share this Facebook based endeavor with you. *d* came up with a plan to have other interested people write letters or send cards, encouraging those in need of a kind word, those who are lonely, those who are sad. Basically anyone who could use an uplifting sentiment. Plus, reviving letter writing is high on our lists of things that are awesome.

How It Works:

Someone nominates an individual or group that she feels could use a bright spot in their lives. She will give general details about this person or group, nothing too private, and explain a bit about why the nominee needs to feel some positivity. This can literally be anyone, because life is HARD on everyone in different ways. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from a positive, uplifting, encouragement.

Some examples:

Nursing homes are full of amazing people who have lived incredible lives. Most suffer from loneliness. Any one of them would be happy to get a letter in the mail with the express purpose of telling them they are valued, that there are others thinking of them.

Family or friends going through a rough patch, or ones who never seem to get a break.

Moms with little ones.

Single parents.

Those that battle depression or mental illness (again, not too personal on the details).

And because of who we are, those at a crossroads in their lives.

The ideas are limitless.

How To Get Involved:

If you know someone, let us know! Email us some basic details and we’ll feature the person on the page. Others in the Project, including the nominator, will write letters or short notes in Thinking of You, Encouragement type or blank cards. You mail them to us and we put together a packet with a Letter about the Project and then mail it to the person for a surprise burst of good vibes!

***Please do NOT post addresses publicly. They can be emailed to us along with the nominee’s info. It’s not our desire to invade the privacy of anyone and we take that very seriously.***

When the world is full of so much negativity and sadness, it’s priceless to be able to lift someone up, even if it’s fleeting.  And it won’t just make the person receiving the letter happy, it will make you feel good too! There’s a real shortage of that in the world and we hope to brighten our corner up a bit!

Email us:


Mailing address for cards and letters:


PO Box 62

Ansonia, OH 45303






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