*d* and ~L~, two high school friends in our 40’s, living totally different lives, tripping, sometimes falling at the crossroads, and continuing to get back up. This is our honest view from the intersections and bumps in the road that we all face, as well as our own personal detours.


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  1. Hi There,
    I saw your article in the Mighty and I connected with the sour patch kid phenomena! Our kiddo has PANDAS (www.pandasnetwork.com) and it is a crazy rollercoaster ride. Our child works so hard to keep it together at school but it’s melt down time at home. I wonder if there might be some common autoimmune issues underlying at least some part of the the two illnesses. In PANDAs the immune system attacks the brain causing the behavioral issues and time outs/ consequences don’t really work 😦 –at least not until the immune system is calmed down. Anyway thanks for sharing and best wishes to you and yours.


    1. I appreciate your feedback. Time outs are not our only method. We do a lot of redirecting and also try to use calming techniques but like you said, sometimes nothing works until they calm down. My guy has a number of different issues so it’s hard trying to find a technique that works for him. We also live in small town America so the help I’d really like to receive is over an hour away. We do well despite it all. Medications are also a big culprit with our guys behavioral issues. Too much or the wrong ones will bring out that sour patch side. I know many people will probably say I’m doing everything all wrong but we care and discipline all of our kids in a loving way. I will definitely check out the information you passed along. Again, thank you for your response!!


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