*My friend and I have a deep love and appreciation for our grandmothers. Here is my contribution to jointly acknowledge these lovely women.*

Dear Grandma:

Your life is a story of subtle grace. This is a rare quality and one I someday hope to acquire. I am afraid I will never achieve the grace and wisdom I have found in you.

You have fought many battles with quiet faith. When my life feels like it is out of control, I remind myself of how you patiently handled each difficulty with a humble spirit. You didn’t complain about the injustice you were handed but remained thankful for the blessings of each experience. It is uncommon to know one who speaks not of her own pain but asks how to heal another. In a world full of people who ask to put their own needs before all others, you gladly set aside your own. You exemplified this by giving your all to those around you. You gave freely of your possessions, home and especially your love.

When I need to be reminded of kindness left in the world, I recall your life in opposition to the negativity. You try to see the purpose in the worst of things but when there is no obvious reason, you have faith that someday you will grasp what you do not understand. As a little girl, I watched you quietly kneel beside your bed in evening prayer and recently listened to your prayer the night grandpa died, thankful for your many years of marriage. You have given me lifetime of examples of faith.

As I age, I grow a deeper appreciation of you and regret that this appreciation wasn’t sooner realized. Maybe then I could have taken time to talk a little longer, consume your wisdom and further enrich my life just by being a part of yours. You are older than I remember in my childhood but you are not forgotten. You are just as beautiful and a true treasure in my life. You allowed me to grow in my own time and navigate my mistakes even when you had the wisdom to correct me. You gently guided me and encouraged the best decision but always offered a hand when I faltered.

Thank you Grandma, for living by example. I will continue to follow in your footsteps but I know I will always remain small in your shadow.




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