Creepin’ On My Fellow Drivers

I noticed something ridiculous today (besides yet another crusty looking hand towel). On my way home from work I passed several cars going the opposite direction and for whatever reason I looked at the drivers. Two of the first three had their mouths wide open. The third, a broad smile, like maybe she’d just won the lottery and was driving to claim her prize. After that, it became an obsession. I looked at each passing vehicle and realized that driving makes you look like an idiot. In addition to gaping mouths and silly smirks, I saw a few furrowed brows and scowls, someone gazing off into a corn field, and one guy behind the wheel of a pickup that I swear looked like he was clapping like he was gearing up to get down the fiddle and bow. Hands on the wheel, buddy!

The lesson here? Be aware of your facial expressions at all times. If you don’t mind looking like that pink thing that shoots eggs at Mario and his friends in Mario Brothers 2, go ahead and sing. Angry? From where the other driver sits, you just look constipated. So smile. But not too much. You don’t want to look like a lunatic.

You just know she's singing "Let It Go."
You just know she’s singing “Let It Go.”



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