One Word at a Time

I love the advice and sayings passed down through my family. Some of my favorites are:

“Busy hands, happy heart.” My grandma is always busy with something. I think it is because she has such a big heart.

“Everything has it’s place, everything in its place.” My favorite. This fuels my obsession for everything clean and neat. Especially my house.

L-R: my attempt to make a space to organize family activities (we will see if I actually use it.. but it looks good), my tidy office (I like to stare at it more than use it), my bedroom (I promised my husband it would never get girly and ten years later I get caught in my lie)

“Cold hands, warm heart.” My grandma reminded me of this every time she touched my cold hands.

“Finish for a clear day tomorrow.” This usually referenced the evening’s meal.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This is a good one for everyone to follow.

“You had better “go” before we go.” This is why my bladder has the urge right before I step out the door.

“Return borrowed items the same way or better than when you received them.” I think if this one every time I get something back filthy or broken.

“Don’t go to bed angry.” My grandpa’s favorite.

“Early to bed, early to rise.” I like it but I hate mornings.

Some sayings were those we frequently heard from our parents;

“I am going to kick your butt into next week.” My mom would often threaten such action if we chose to participate in improper or illegal activity.

I am trying my hardest to make some of the lessons I have learned about life stick with my children. I know I will inevitably recycle these favorites, I am tempted to add some of my own personal lessons that I can sum up on cute little quotes, you know, those things in which I have lots of experience:

“Always expect poop.”

Yes, that's poop. See, you should have expected poop.

“Setting a bedtime for the children is like trying to run on ice.” There is always one more thing they need and although we feel like we are moving closer to bedtime, we aren’t.

So okay, these don’t sound as profound. I truly hope my kids will be able to see the work I have on this blog and those pieces I have or will eventually have published and realize I tried to change their lives, and maybe a tiny piece of the world for the good. So with that being said, I will list some of my own favorite quotes.







Maybe someday someone will quote me and my children will be able to say, “My mom wrote that.” To me, that would be a great legacy, a realization that their mom did something to make the world better and they could do the same. I know generations before me certainly tried and my life is better by them being a part of it.

What are some of your favorite or treasured quotes? I hope some of the best ones are from those people who personally made your life a little better one word at a time.



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